Alton, N.H. Old Home Day 2014: ‘Annie & The Orphans’ Outdid The Fireworks — A Grand Night.

Click to ENLARGE. August 9, 2014, Alton Bay.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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+ Heartwarming ‘Annie & The Orphans’ At Cate Park, 2014.
+  Delightful ‘Annie & The Orphans’ At Cate Park, 2013.
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What can I say about the fantabulous “Annie & The Orphans”
that I haven’t raved about before?

They, now in their 50th year, have become a Lakes Region treasure.
Such great value. Just like ‘1964 the Tribute‘ from the day before.
They just go out with one simple but admirable mission:
‘Please the crowds. Make them feel good. Make their day’.

I have nothing but respect, admiration and good will towards
Anatole Paquette and his Orphans.
Very nice group of men to boot.

Thank YOU Anatole and the Orphans:
Bob McNab, Steve Giotas, Peter Previte, Roy D’innocenzo & Scottie Groleau.

To access their Website … please click.

“Annie & The Orphans” at Alton Old Home Day 2014.

Click to ENLARGE.

Picture perfect evening in Alton Bay.

A near ‘Super Moon‘ providing a vivid backlight.

The Fireworks were “OK”. ‘Annie & the Orphans’ were better.
But a grand, memorable night.


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