Is A Frigging Joke, A Poor, Pathetic Joke At That. Amazon Is So Far Superior It Is Not Funny!


by Anura Guruge

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 Walmart ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores are not the same as as both sides go to great lentghts to point out.

That is good since I have no gripe, at all, with Walmart ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores. I actually like Walmart stores and shop at Walmart stores at least twice a month, usually more — and spend a few hundred dollars at Walmart each month.

As of today it is official — I hate is a bloody joke. A poor, pitiful, pathetic joke at that.

Amazon, who I am very fond of (even if I have an occasional hissy fit about their free shiping or their incompetent Call Center in the Philippines), is so far superior to it is not fuuny.

Amazon wins HANDS DOWN when it comes to online retailers.

Never, ever AGAIN. I will never ever again shop bloody I will gladly pay more and get it from ANYBODY else — because nobody could be as bad as bloody

Yes, this has to do with the stupid “Pro Series Puncture-Prone 14′ x 42′ Pool” we had to replace for this family in Alton. They got it from Walmart so I tried to get the damn replacement from

I placed the bloody order July 29, 2014. Two bloody weeks ago.

Just getting tracking details of this order was difficult. I went to the Concord store TWICE hoping to pick it up — the second time today because the online order status told me that it was shipped. Not there.

Then I get this e-mail, today, saying it was DELAYED. Two bloody weeks — and it is further delayed.

Trying to get some sense out of the folks at Walmart was difficult. They can’t help it. That is OK. I am glad that Walmart provides them with a place of employment.

I cancelled the damn order, as soon as I got home, and sent Deanna with a check to pay for the pitiful Pro Series puncture-prone pool. See below. They tell me it will take TWO bloody billing cycles BEFORE I get my $199 back. Well, we will see about that.

Do NOT shop SHOP AMAZON. Amazon rocks. Amazon RULES. Amazon, on the whole, is WONDERFUL.

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P.S., Did I mention that Amazon is really, really good and that we are GREAT FANS of Amazon?