Ebony Elephant Bridge, Made In Ceylon, Probably In The 1950s.


by Anura Guruge

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We stopped by here the day we were in Concord for Lisa DiMartino’s award ceremony — the same day we went to see “Planes — Fire and Rescue” in 3D and ended up getting our money back. 

I wanted to stop because the marquee outside the shop talked about trains and in particular ‘Lionel Trains’. I had to have a look. It is a compulsion I have. Easier than walking past book stores but I do have trouble not entering stores that have trains. What can I say?

I saw the elephants at 30′ — across a room, while walking past the doorway. As soon as I saw them from the corner of my left eye I knew exactly what it was. Devanee was with me. I told her: ‘elephants from Ceylon’. I had NOT see the inlaid ‘Ceylon‘ on the bridge at that point. I was too far away.

Most middle class houses in Colombo, Ceylon would have one of these elephant bridges at the time I was growing up there, i.e., 1950s to 1967.

It was cute. Not sure how one ended up in Concord, N.H.

Click to ENLARGE. Enjoy.