Lauren Bacall, Of The Sultry Voice, And Her 1970s Tampons TV Commercials — Per Deanna.

mrs-olsenAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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The Fan Lauren BacallSince I had seen the news before I went to bed (around 2 a.m. this morning), and given that Deanna is an avid fan of movie stars and likes to be on top of any news, I told Deanna the news as soon as she woke up this morning. She started laughing which was slightly unexpected. She went onto explain that she could never think of Lauren Bacall without remembering her beloved (lobsterman) father’s reaction to her tampon commercials in the 1970s — when Deanna was between 10 and 12.

I wasn’t in the U.S. at the time so I have no clue about these commercials.

It appears that Deanna’s father had quite the sense of humor and that Lauren Bacall’s tampon commercial used to ‘get to him’. Per Deanna, each time it aired, he would growl: ‘sounds like she has one stuck down her throat’!

You have to admit that that is funny. So, while lying in bed, listening to CNBC, sipping my coffee (kindly brought up by Deanna), and using my ‘large’ 10.2″ Le Pan Android tablet I tried to find the commercial because I knew YOU would like to see it — and hopefully visualize this lobsterman, from Cushing, Maine, in his late 40s, with black glasses, growling ‘sounds like she has one stuck down her throat’ and Deanna never failing to crack up laughing. I couldn’t find it though I kind of worked out that she was plugging Playtex. Deanna was going to have a look too — when she has some time. Busy today. Having folks around for dinner.

Yes, I checked YouTube, of course. Yes, of course, I can see all the coffee commercials — but zilch for tampons. Shame. This is when I realize that we, or at least I have, become so accustomed to thinking that the Web is infinite and infallible — though I know better. I just hope, if not expect, that you can find most things of ‘recent’ import on the Web.


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