‘Documents’ Page Added To The New ‘guruge.com’ Website.



by Anura Guruge

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To access ‘Documents‘ page at www.guruge.com

I am slowly trying to flesh-out this new, Weebly-basedguruge.com‘ Website — in between trying to proof my latest book and all the other stuff that keeps on cropping up.

It is kind of funny. I am not worried that ‘guruge.com’ is a work in progress. It is NOT as if people can’t find me, on the Web, if they really wanted to. So, I am stressing about ‘killing’ myself to get this Website completed.

It is also true that I do not feel any pressing compulsion to make sure that the new ‘Documents’ page is as pukkha as I would have wanted it a decade ago. This is what the old ‘Documents’ page used to look like on my FrontPage-based Website. Well, trying to showcase all my published documents really do not matter that much — anymore. My books tell their own story and I am really not that concerned about getting any new clients for my writing. So this will do. Plus, Weebly, as I am finding out to my cost and chagrin, is far, far from perfect. It is, at best, ‘OK’. Lots of limitations as to what you can do. I guess that is the compromise of using a template-based system. I am used to being able to do whatever I wanted with FrontPage — but that took a LOT of time, effort and heartache. Weebly is quick. Weebly is basically quick and dirty. But that is OK.

I at least got to better present my “1st 250 documents” list. That list, on its own, tells much of the story, or at least 65% of it. I have no ideas where I ended up at. Probably around 390 documents. Maybe more. Doesn’t really matter. 250 publications was the goal. I hadn’t looked at this documents in years, maybe 8 years! I had forgotten that I used to write for Cisco’s PACKET magazine.


Click to view the entire document IF you are curious.

Anyway, that is where I am at. I might add a shadow page, later on, called ‘More Documents‘, with access to more White Papers. I plan to have a different page for my pictorial stuff and presentations. I do not think of them especially my presentations, as ‘documents’.