A Really Cute & Affectionate Chinook Puppy, New Hampshire’s State Dog, At Wolfeboro Docks.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
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Anura Guruge

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Despite being a Granite State Ambassador‘ (GSA), a ‘Life Member‘ at that, and my efforts to maintain the ‘NH Facts‘ page (above), I was not familiar, until today, with Chinooks and had no idea that the Chinook is the New Hampshire State Dog. I have already learned that they are, by design, from the very start, rare and hard to find. [‘NH Facts’ page is now updated.]

I guess IF I had seen one before I probably would have thought that it was a cross between a Golden and a German “Alsatian’ Shepherd given the shape of the head and the coloring of the muzzle. I saw this adorable, very affectionate puppy, as we were driving into Wolfeboro for our Sunday, August 17, 2014, ‘Great Waters“Thank You” cruise on the Winnipesaukee Belle. I thought it was a cross.

Then when we were milling around on the dock, waiting to board, the two owners, ex-Alton residents (who we did not know), came by. As I am wont to do when I see any puppy I knelt down to ‘talk’ to it. Came straight up to me and licked my nose. It was love and first lick after that. I thought he was the cat’s whiskers. I wanted one. The owners led me to believe that Chinooks were very expensive. That could be, but not per some quick research in the last 20 minutes. On a par with Goldens — which makes sense.

I want ONE! Deanna says ‘No three dogs’. But, she might come around. She loves dogs as much as I do, and I am the one that takes them running 5 – 6 times a week and feeds them quite a few days (though Devanee is slowly taking over, though I have to always check “have you fed and walked the dogs”).

Cute. Very nice temperament. This one, Kojo, was 14 weeks old. Nice big paws. Will be a GREAT dog to run with — not that I have any complaints about Maya and Braxton when it comes to running. Braxton, despite his size, being a Beagle, is a good little runner — plus I can’t, let alone don’t, run fast. 

So Chinooks. Made my day, and it was one heck of a day.


This seems highly incongruous. They are moving to upstate NY. It is OUR State Dog.