Malaysian Airlines MH370: Book By New Zealand ‘Ambulance Chasers’ Bogus — Nothing But Rank Speculation.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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I am not going to give this disgusting ‘ambulance chasing’ book, by two New Zealanders, any publicity, let alone credence by mentioning the titles or the names of the supposed authors. They should be ashamed. I was very surprised that they were from New Zealand. New Zealanders, on the whole, are very honorable sorts — with a lot of integrity, dignity and credibility. You only have to think of the likes of Edmund Hillary, Richard Hadlee, Glenn Turner, Bev Congdon et. al.

The basic premise of this book that the MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was insane, that he barred the first officer, Fariq Abdul Hamid, from the cockpit and then proceeded to suffocate the passengers and crew up cutting off the oxygen supply is TOTAL, ludicrous speculation — not based on an iota of fact. To make such claims is disgraceful.

That Zaharie Ahmad Shah then managed to land the Boeing 777, intact, on the ocean, à la  Capt. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger’s ‘Miracle on the Hudson‘, is more conjecture. The Indian ocean, for a start, is NOT the Hudson. This is their theory as to why no wreckage has yet to be found. It is STUPID. At some stage the plane would have started to take water and sink. Boeing 777s are NOT built to be watertight and float. Water would start seeping in through the wheel wells for a start. So at some point the LARGE plane would start to sink. Then the laws of physics would kick in. Just see what the ocean did to the Titanic once it started going down. Bits of the plane and then eventually larger portions would have got ripped off. There would be enormous water pressures and dynamics due to gravity at play. The 777 would have broken up, into sections, before it hit the bottom. That is a given. Then there would be a lot of things that would float up — and it is best to not even think about it.

This book is a disgrace. Do NOT buy it. Do not pander to these shameless snake-oil salesman.