New Hampshire Foliage, Fall 2014 — Not Even A Hint In My Neck Of The Lakes Region.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



by Anura Guruge

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I, per by Granite State Ambassador (GSA) affiliations, was an ‘official’ Fall Foliage Updater for New Hampshire — for the State run ‘Visit NH‘ Website. I assume I will be asked again this year.

On my ‘near daily’ 2.5 mile run up (and down) Prospect Mountain Road yesterday it crossed my mind that I was not seeing any early tinges of foliage. I also remembered that I had seen some vivid indications of early foliage last year — definitely in August.

This morning while brushing my teeth I had a look outside to see if I could see any foliage given that our bathroom overlooks a sea of green. Noticed just a hint of orange on the gaggle of Stag’s Horn plants we have behind the house. That was about it.

Click to ENLARGE. You will then see the tinges, at the very edges, of orange.

I had another look on my run today. It is all green.

So I checked this blog to see when I first spotted foliage in 2013. August 6! Wow. That was three weeks ago.

Interesting if not outright strange. It has been getting cold at night, quite cold, since LAST Wednesday, i.e., August 13, 2014. We had a BIG storm that night. The weather turned, dramatically, since then. Don’t care what the ‘professionals’ have to say, I know because I live it. Got colder in the evenings and it seems to get darker a tad sooner than I expect. Funnily enough two people on the ‘Great Waters’ cruise on Sunday were talking about this VERY thing before I interjected. They too had noticed.

I made a point of swimming, in Halfmoon Lake, Alton, N.H., yesterday and day before. It was cold! Borderline. I really wanted to swim. I hate it when I stop swimming for the Summer. To me that is the END of the Summer. Not many swimming. I am hoping that we get a few 80F days that might heat up the water. Yikes.

Stag’s Horn. August 21, 2014. Alton, New Hampshire. Lakes Region.

I will keep an eye out for ‘early’ foliage. NOT running for the next fews days. But, I will be out and about.

First foliage last year, August 6, 2013. Click to ENLARGE. Use one of the links above to get to one of the posts and MANY other pictures.