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Marching With Lisa DiMartino, NH State Rep., Belknap County, District 2, In The Gilford Old Home Day Parade.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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The three Guruge ladies, HUGE fans of Lisa, led the way.

I stayed closer to Lisa, though that wasn’t easy, scanned the crowds and TRIED to make sure that Lisa met with all the folks that expressed an interest in shaking hands with her — and there was a LOT.

It was a BLAST. It was so much fun and rewarding. Given that we had campaigned for Lisa, quite a bit, door-to-door in Gilford in 2012, we knew she was popular in Gilford — and, of course, she was one of the rare Democrats that won in 2012. But the reaction she received today far exceeded my expectations. She was cheered, applauded and eagerly sought after. It was very touching. Wow. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I know that Gilford folks, by and large, are dignified and refined. I also know that there is a huge Republican contingent. I was very happy for Lisa and the country as a whole. This is how it should be. Wonderful parade. The Sun beat down. Everybody was happy. No fuss. No hassle. Everybody did their own thing in their own sweet time and nobody minded. It was all fun. In the gallery below you can see Lisa pressing the flesh. It was very gratifying. Glad we agreed to march. We will do it again. I was glad for the kids. Another experience to chalk up. As she did in 2012 I assume Devanee will spend election day with Lisa at the Gilford Polling Station. Teischan, as she did in 2012, will most likely go with me door-to-door. She likes it.