New Hampshire Foliage, Fall 2014 — Gilford, N.H., On Saturday, August 23 Had Some Noticeable Color.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Yesterday, when we were regrouping at the Gilford High School, after the Gilford 2014 Old Home Day Parade I noticed, with start, that there was some color, vivid at that, around me. Just two days earlier I had commented that I had yet to see any foliage. Of course I know Gilford is north of Alton but we are not talking by much. But then again every mile must count.

Wow. They even had a full tree that was all orange. I didn’t have enough zoom in my 8-year old camera to catch it — and I didn’t have the time to walk over to get closer.

I took this picture in the High School parking lot. You can actually see a yellow school bus. Click to ENLARGE.

Here is another representative picture. This one is of a tree on Belknap Mountain Road, Gilford’s main drag on the ‘center of town’ side of the tracks. Click to ENLARGE.

Today on my run, 3 days after my original post I did notice color. So it is beginning to happen FAST — which is what I thought would happen given the cold nights.