Paul Warnick, The N.H. Lakes Region’s “Musician-in-Chief”, At The 2014 Gilford Old Home Day, August 23.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Yes, we are the unofficial, unrewarded Paul Warnick Fan Club — the Alton branch.

We knew Paul was scheduled to be doing his incomparable stuff, at the Bandstand, when the 2014 Gilford Old Home Day Parade ended.  So that was a bonus for us. I had kind of planned to go to Old Home day just to see Paul! But then when Lisa asked us to march with her in the Parade it seemed serendipitous. All worked out beautifully. Suffice to say Paul was GOOD. Very good. What innate talent. The young sax and harmonica player he had, accompanying him, was good too. I liked his harmonica playing. They were a great kick-off for the festivities. The Sun did shine. It was a beautiful morn.

Deanna, at my behest, captured this video of Paul doing ‘Jack & Diane’ .


Click to access 2:11 minute video which is of a rather high quality on all fronts.

I created a YouTube photo montage of the still pictures
we took, 
about 80%, including the close ups,
I took with my old camera.


Click to access this 1:36 minute video with upbeat music — but not from Paul.

All our still photographs, in gallery form.
These were the ones I used to create the above musical photo montage.

Copyright on these images may be imposed.

Click to access these images …