What Would ‘James Foley’ Have To Say About This Stolen Sign & The Arrest?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge


Click to access WMUR coverage of this arrest …

Though he is kind of ‘local’ I did not know James Foley. [I am not sure whether he is related to the Foley Oil folks. I have been meaning to find out.]

I wish I had known James Foley. From what I have read and heard he seems like a real neat person, kind, caring and a true humanitarian.

So when I saw this SAD story about a homeless man arrested, and held on bail, for stealing a James Foley memorial service sign, in Rochester, N.H., it perturbed me.

What would James Foley have said?
What would James Foley have done?

Seems a bit extreme to me — and, furthermore, I think, it detracts from the James Foley story and the efforts to commemorate (and even celebrate) his life.

I could be wrong but this seems like an over-reaction. Couldn’t they just have taken the sign away from this poor man — and poor would appear to be the appropriate word.

I honestly don’t know what the deal is. IF somebody does please contact me. My contact info. is on the sidebar >>>>

Can I just pay his fine, bail him out or whatever? What needs to be done to get this poor man out of prison and have this ‘charge’ taken care of.

I will do it as my part in honoring James Foley. This story has to go away and it has to have a GOOD ENDING.

We, in New Hampshire, owe it to James Foley.

I think we are better than this.