Alton Central School (ACS), N.H.: NO LATE Buses Till Mid-September 2014!

conserving-resources-for-a-better-planetAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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88246127001_2069184013001_961896998-193-1357162962288School has started and there are after school programs — in particular the sports programs.

But, ACS in its infinite wisdom has decided that the late buses will NOT start till mid-September!

Is this a JOKE?

This is grossly irresponsible at multiple levels, key among them being the blatant disregard for conserving resources, reducing pollution and helping Alton parents with their budgets. All Alton parents, alas, are not rich like the handsomely compensated School Administration. We have buses to reduce the amount of cars that have to go to and fro to pick up (and drop off) kids at school.

This is inexcusable. I am going to take this to as many places as I can and my angel will be, quite rightly, that of resource conservation.

IF ACS claims that this is a COST ISSUE I will laugh in their face. They didn’t budget for this? Why not?

If ACS can now afford all these lawyers they can’t afford to provide late buses?

The biggest problem we have is that most in Alton just don’t seem to care.

IF we had local elected officials that cared about such matters, at a minimum, the Selectmen would intervene.

They claim to teach the kids about recycling, energy conservation etc. and then they do this? What a joke.

This is bad. This is sad. This is Alton.