Alton Central School (ACS), N.H.: Year After Infamous ‘Common Core’ Vote By Board School Continues With ‘Core’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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It was September 16, 2013, when the ACS School Board voted 3-to-2 not to ‘support’ use of ‘Common Core‘ at Alton Central School. Starting immediately after this landmark vote there was confusion as to what the vote was supposed to mean. Within 3 weeks the ever pugnacious ACS Superintendent, William ‘Bill’ Lander, was telling the ‘Laconia Daily Sun’ that the Board’s ‘rejection’ of Common Core has no immediate consequences — and let us now dwell on that word ‘immediate’. Of course we all understood that they wouldn’t and couldn’t change the plans for the 2013 – 2014 school year that was already underway.

But now we have started, as of yesterday, the 2014 – 2015 ACS School Year and Common Core is everywhere. I went to the ‘Open House’ last Thursday, and as ever it was good, positive and fun and it was a great pity that the new Acting Principal, William ‘Bill’ Lander, always busy with his heavy teaching schedule at Plymouth State (PSU) and his extensive repertoire of publications, was not there for usor at least we didn’t see him though we toured the whole school, end-to-end, and saw nearly everybody else. But we understand that he was there but I am puzzled as to why we didn’t see him because we were there from 5:30 till past 7pm. The new Associate Principal, Linda Willman shone — she was quite literally glowing. She is good news. She will do well. We are so happy that she, ignoring the meaningless titles, is heading up ACS. Good things will happen with her in charge.

I saw tons of ‘Singapore Math‘ books in various classrooms. I checked with a couple of teachers. Common Core is ALL GO.

So what gives?

Is the Board just going to forget that they had that vote?

Or is it that the Administration is going to ignore the board.

There is a bigger picture here, with these three incidents serving as landmarks:

Sept. 2013: Board votes against ‘Common Core’ administration continues with ‘Common Core’.

June 2014: Board overturns three bullying decisions made by the supposedly trained ACS Administration.

August 2014: The ACS Administration gets Diane M. Gorrow of the law firm Soule, Leslie, Kidder et. al. to write a letter to Jay C. Boynton, the ACS School Board’s attorney asking for a bullying hearing to be dismissed! When the letter appeared in my inbox it took me a second to work out the implications. The Superintendent is using a lawyer to communicate with the Board about a bullying hearing! As far as I knew the Administration ‘worked’ for the Board. Seems incongruous, if not downright wrong, to me — but what do I know. I just try to document this stuff BECAUSE nobody else does. I did not even realize that ACS now has, and it must mean, HIRES, two law firms: one by the Administration and the other by the Board. Who is paying for these lawyers — unless, of course, they are doing this pro bono because they like Alton and are committed to the cause of Public Education.

So, that is the state of play.