Be Leery, Very, Very Leery Of ‘’ — They Are But A Front For One And Only One Company.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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A few days ago Deanna came home with a very fancy, glossy 4-page brochure that boasted ‘The New Hampshire Health Insurance Marketplace’. I was slightly taken back, though I had heard TV and radio ads for them. The last I looked, and it was just over a month ago, New Hampshire was still using Obama’s fraud-riddled ‘‘ as the State Health EXCHANGE.

Do NOT be confused, do NOT be fooled. IF you are looking for ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’ (ACA) provided health insurance in N.H. you still need, alas, to use ‘’. That is the only way to get the NOW THREATENED premium reducing tax credits. Got that?

‘Coveringnewhampshire’ is nothing but a front for the totally useless, rapacious, money-grabbing, ‘New Hampshire Health Plan‘ — the OLD plan that those of us who had pre-existing conditions HAD to use.

I, alas, had insurance from the despicable  ‘New Hampshire Health Plan‘ for nearly 5 years. They were useless. During that time they did NOT pay a single bill. They wouldn’t even pay for my flu shot though they claim that it is covered — OUTSIDE of deductible. You do not, thanks to ACS, need them. Other insurance companies can’t turn you down for pre-existing. So, PLEASE be careful. Do not get conned. OK? still sucks, BUT if you need health insurance you should start there. OK?