“Glengarry Bhoys” & “The Brigadoons” Together — The Dream Ticket For The 2014 ‘Highland Games’ At Loon, N.H.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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IF the organizers of the 2014 NH Games, i.e., the team from ‘The New Hampshire Gathering of the Scottish Clans‘, had ANY sense and we can end that sentence right there because ‘sense’, ‘highland games’ and ‘organizers’ don’t really go in the same sentence. I have finally come to the sad conclusion that their brains have been well and truly addled by all that good, smooth Scottish gold that they so conspicuously consume with pride.

Well, the ONLY reason I am even thinking about the Games this year is because of the Bhoys. Until I saw that they were coming I was going to boycott the games again because I really had enough of the same ol’ names year in, year out and NO big name pipe bands. But, I am a HUGE fan of the Bhoys. They used to be brilliant and I hope they still are — and I will cut them slack since the years do take a toll on all of us.

After I did my last post about the Bhoys, and raved about the impromptu jam they did in the parking lot, c. 1999,  I remembered another unforgettable classic from the Games. It was probably 2002 when the wonderful Shelley Downing crossed over from The Brigadoons to the Bhoys. The Brigadoons, led by the irrepressible Denis Carr, came on stage (and by now we had ‘the TENT’) with the Bhoys and did a few songs together with Denis leading the vocals. I think it was their way of telling us that this was still all one family from Glengarry County and that there were no hard feelings about Shelley crossing over.

Each of these wonderful groups is good on their own. Together synergy, such an elusive element, kicked in. It was magical.

I hope they do it again.

IF the buggers weren’t so dipsomaniacal they would arrange, say for 4pm on Sunday, a 40 minute Bhoys cum Brigadoons jam.

They already have the separate dinner dances over the Games posted. I can’t find one where the Bhoys and Brigadoons are together. If they were I would go.

So fingers crossed. Lets demand Bhoys cum Brigadoons jam. I will ask Denis. I think it will amuse him. I like Denis. He is such a nice guy.