British Prime Minister David Cameron, August 29, 2014, On ISIS Threat — Stirring & Impressive. Very Presidential.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
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Anura Guruge

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This was from this morning. Friday, August 29, 2014.
CNN carried it live around 10 am (3pm London time).


Click to access YouTube video. Google or search YouTube for others.

I hope the ‘MP’ in the YouTube title is a TYPO rather than some rank ignorance by the ‘YouTube HotNews’ crew. Yes, David like all British Prime Ministers is an MP — Member of Parliament, BUT his main title is P.M., viz. Prime Minister. For the record he is the M.P. for Witney in Oxfordshire in the heart of England (and I do mean England).

Wow. What a wonderful, stirring, inspirational and heart-warming performance.

Bravo, David. Bravo. YOU might even convert me back to being the ‘right of Margaret Thatcher‘, never missed a vote, arch British Conservative Party stalwart I once was!

It wasn’t Churchillian BUT neither was it Obama (of late) or George W. Shrub. And he always looks more respectable and grounded than good ol’ Bill (but that isn’t hard to do). I am sure Churchill would have approved and be proud of this ‘young’ man. On a scale of 1 to 10, IF Winston, by definition is a ’10’, then David today was at, at least, a 7.5.

Made me proud to be British, but as I have repeatedly stated I don’t need any excuses for that because I am proud and grateful to be British on a continuing basis.

Of course I am concerned about the situation in Britain, BUT it was reassuring to hear David say that WE are not strangers to this. And isn’t that the truth. I lived through much of the IRA attacks and had been to Harrods the day before, and parked in the same street, as what transpired there.

David used the word ‘kinetic’ in one of his responses to a reporter’s question. Ah! David. Brilliant. I just looked up his bio. WOW. Eton and Oxford. Yes, he would know how to use ‘kinetic’ in the right context — which he did. Bravo, David. Thanks to YOU, if I was back home and had to vote I will vote Conservative, JUST because of YOU, irrespective of my feelings on some issues.

David Cameron, descendent from the ‘wrong side of the sheets‘ — BUT from Royalty. Way to GO. The best. Love them: ‘wrong side of the sheets‘ Royalty. Lots of them around because British royalty, bless them, were and are a randy bunch. Isn’t it great to be British? 

Thank YOU, David. YOU ARE THE MAN.