“North Shore Acappella”, August 29, At The ‘Inn On Main’, Wolfeboro, N.H. — The Last 2014 ‘Great Waters’ Concert.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
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Anura Guruge

Click for tickets.

Click for tickets.

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 Wow! The 2014 season is over. It was a blast. We had so much fun. Meeting Gordon Lightfoot was a treat. The ‘cruise‘ and the ‘after party‘ on our beach was so much fun. 

The blast concert — and it is sold out. I am glad.

Yes, though we hadn’t originally signed up we (i.e., the kids and I) are going, by request, to help with the setup. We now have a reputation for being the chair hauling gang. It should, as ever, be fun. In reality we didn’t go to that many concerts in the end — though we could have gone to all. Crazy busy Summer. I never made it to a single concert at “Inn on Main“. Well there is always next year and I am hearing talk that we might get a winter concert or two.

Well, here is to you all. What a great Summer. Thanks.