Pictures By Alton Photographer, John Bishop, Using My Refurbished Canon EOS Rebel T3i with 18-55mm IS II Lens.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.>

Anura Guruge

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Untouched JPEGs.

In my never ending quest for knowledge I love to learn from others. For me it is a very quick and productive way of learning. So with this new Canon, albeit cheap and refurbished, I wanted to gain as much hands-on knowledge from experts, ASAP. As ever I lucked out. J. Richard Hale, who I have featured here, a Canon photographer himself (and who got me to open my eyes to Canon (as opposed to just looking at Nikon)), helped me yesterday with a series of e-mails. Thank YOU, Richard. He is one heck of a guy — a retired MIT Physicist. Thanks to Richard I now also have Google Picasa! That is kind of funny. I can’t tell you how many times I have installed and uninstalled Picasa in the past. I find it a BIT TOO intrusive, as are all Google products of late, for my liking — BUT I was impressed with its image manipulating capabilities, which is what Richard had stressed.

I then ‘bribed’ John into coming for dinner and taking the camera for a spin. We owed him another dinner anyway for all of his help on matters numerous. John Bishop is a yet to be fully discovered photographer. John, like Richard, is a Canon fan and has a Canon 50D. So John came last night, and around 7pm went outside and shot 34 images. He liked the camera. We checked the images out, untouched and in JPEG (rather than in RAW) on Teischan’s Toshiba laptop. We liked them. We also did some Googling and discovered that today’s T3i is considered to be on a par with the six-year old 50D — despite the threefold price difference. That made me happy because I only paid $336 (all told) for this refurbished camera. John thinks it is OK.

I need to put a UV filter (which I do have) etc. And I need to read the manual. That is the problem. Time. But, I will. For now I am going to use it in Av (Aperture Priority) mode. I am used to that from 40 years ago. I know the numbers though it is SO MUCH easier today with all the digital display information.

So … that is where we stand. I guess I will keep this camera. Yes, there is always the possibility that I will convince myself to upgrade BUT I am going to do my best not to. I had my last camera for 8 years.

Anyway I took about 20 pictures yesterday. All in JPEG at the 18MB maximum resolution. The above two were among the firsts. I was using fully automated mode.

This is a picture I took, yesterday morning, after Richard had suggested that I try the camera in Av mode. I did. This was at f/22.

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