“North Shore Acappella”, August 29, At The ‘Inn On Main’, Wolfeboro, N.H. For “Great Waters” Was Just Scintillating.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.northshoreaca2ndflash1a
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Anura Guruge

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What a concert?

We had heard, repeatedly, that “North Shore Acappella“, who had played for “Great Waters” last Summer too, was good. That it was also sold out days ahead was another data. But, they exceeded all of my expectations. They were just scintillating. The 290 or so lucky folks who were packed into the ambience-galore function room at the “Inn On Main”  were in for a treat and they knew it and they loved it. What a way to end what had been a GREAT season for “Great Waters Music Festival“. Delightful Wolfeboro, N.H., the oldest summer resort in the U.S., is indeed blessed.

North Shore Acappella” is a class act. Amazingly rich, resonant voices with magical tibre. They were astounding. They have been doing this for a long time, 30 years, and they have perfected their craft — though they love to make self deprecating jokes about their age and the toll on their vocal chords. Acappella until last night was not high on my list of musical genres that I will “walk a mile to listen”. They gentlemen, and that they are indeed, made a convert out of me.

Nicest folks possible. What personality. What charm. Genuinely nice guys. Yes, we got to interact with them, quite a bit, before, during and after the show. Very, very nice people and their stage presence and repartee is so synergistically awesome. Messrs. Tommy Duarte,  Vinny Straccia, Paul Lopes, Guy Chiapponi & Jimmy Martin PLEASE take another bow. Seeing you perform and interacting with you was an honor and a pleasure. The world needs more people like you. We are going to plug “North Shore Acappella” whenever and wherever we can and I think there is already talk of having them back next year. Actually I just saw an e-mail suggesting that the public demand has been such that we might be bringing them back every year! Wow. That alone tells much. That they played back-to-back last year and this year is pretty amazing in its own right  given that “Great Waters” tries not to repeat acts ‘close together’ unless they see an overwhelming public demand.

Well as the pictures above and below will clearly show all three of the Guruge ladies were on the stage — Deanna multiple times. Them getting Devanee on the stage was, of course, the result of us being rather active volunteers and the fact that Devanee, on scholarship, sang for the “Great Waters Festival Chorus” in July. Various people told the group that they should get Devanee up on stage. By the time we arrived and we started talking to them in the car park they already knew that there was ‘this girl’ that was going to get called up to sing. It was good. Devanee wasn’t thrilled and it wasn’t her greatest performance but as those that championed her cause all pointed out it was a ‘first step’ and ‘good experience’. Thanks ALL.

Deanna along with Heidi and another lady who we do not know volunteered to sing on their second, by huge demand, encore — which by popular demand was to be “Going to the Chapel”. It was a fun way to wrap up the evening and the season.

Thank YOU, “North Shore Acappella”. You folks are just GREAT.

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The “North Shore Acappella” Singers


The “North Shore Acappella” The Concert


The “North Shore Acappella” with Devanne, Teischan & Deanna


The “North Shore Acappella” with Deanna


The “North Shore Acappella” — Local Color