“Great Waters Music Festival”, Wolfeboro, N.H., Summer of 2015 — Ronan Tynan, Irish Tenor & Captivating Folk Singer Jonathan Edwards Signed Up.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
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Anura Guruge

Click for tickets.

Click for tickets.

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The last “Great Waters Music Festival“, Wolfeboro, N.H. concert for the 2014 season was but last Friday and we finished the season, which was a great one, with a BIG BANG, thanks to the scintillating “North Shore Acappella“.

On Saturday we received e-mails informing us that Ronan Tynan, Irish Tenor and Folk Singer Jonathan Edwards have already been signed up for the 2015 season. Wow. That is great.

I was not familiar with Jonathan Edwards, so I went looking for him. Found his Website and listened to this video.

I am SOLD. Love it. I will be there with BELLS ON.
Thank you, “Great Waters”. You have done it again.

Click to access his Website with his videos.

Then I checked the next video. “The End of the World“. I first thought I was hearing things. NO! It is a protest song about Mittens and Paul Ryan!

How wonderful. And he is coming to deep-red Wolfeboro — the 7th home of Mittens. Delightful. Here is the song. Listen and enjoy. Thank “Great Waters”. I hope ‘they’ can get Mittens to come to the concert.


Click to access YouTube video of him signing about Mittens and Paul Ryan. This will go down a TREAT in Wolfeboro, N.H.

And this, of course, is Ronan Tynan.


Click to access his Website. Shame he couldn’t get ‘.com’.