New Research VALIDATES MY Oft Stated Claim Of The Miracle Of A Low-Carb (High Fat) Diet.

keep-calm-and-eat-pork-11Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access original coverage, today, from ‘Forbes’. Google for more if you are interested.

My own numbers on my customized, rigorously adhered to, low-carb but LOTS of cheese, pork, chicken and burger diet. Click to EXPAND. Use link above for the original post that talks about these numbers.

I have said this very same thing before and I will say it again.

It is NOT the fats you have to cut out but the carbs.

This study just attests what some of us have known, from hands on experience, for years.

Think of this as a public service post for those that are struggling to get their cholesterol under control.

I have now been on a low-carb diet for 20 months.

My weight has stabilized and I am ‘OK’ with that.

I stress, it is ‘low carb’, not ‘no carb’.
There is no such thing as a ‘no carb’ diet.
Carbs are everywhere and you need SOME carbs.

I have done low-carb before so this is not new to me.

My advice: low-carb, eat as much cheese, pork, hot dogs, kielbasa, chicken and nuts as you want.
Don’t worry about the carbs in fruit. Eat what you want.
A glass of diluted red is essential as is sex —
and remember
an “O”-a-day is far better than an apple a day
at keeping the doctor away’.

(Not sure about bacon. I no longer eat bacon.
To me bacon does seem to be pushing it.
I also limit the eggs I eat, though I probably don’t have to)

Oh, yes. A bit of exercise is good too.

Plus, do NOT fast for more than one day at a time!

I am not sure IF anybody has done any research on this as yet.
But, I think low-carb diets minimize, if not eliminate,
the ‘bad breath’ that some get — emanating from their
digestive tract.