The Pope’s Cricket Team To England From “St. Peter’s Cricket Club” Has 2 Sri Lankans, 8 Indians & 1 Pakistani.

1410270891339Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access original image at the Vatican Website.

To access original at the “Pontifical Council for Culture” Website.


They have a Facebook page. Click to access.

After yesterday’s (hurried) post I, of course, had to go looking for more since this is a rare — and as such much cherished — intersection of two of my passions in life: cricket (my lifelong poison) and popes (a more recent affliction).

I had read that the team was sponsored by the Vatican curial “Pontifical Council for Culture“. So that is where I first went, albeit via the Vatican’s main Website (which I am fairly conversant with). It was easy enough to find the information about the cricket club, “St. Peter’s” and the team news. There was a link right on the home page. This is the page you want.

I wanted a breakdown of the team being sent to do battle against the damn infidel Anglicans (who, of course, invented cricket). Again I lucked out. 11 out of the 12 (and one, per good ol’ tradition, is a ‘reserve’ or ‘sub’) are from the subcontinent, 2 from Sri Lanka.

I am NOT going to say this BUT I found it amusing that this was just like the teams from West Indies prior to the ‘1960s’. Of the 11 players, 10 would be black BUT the captain would always be white! It is a shame that the Vatican didn’t pay heed to this. It was like what Obama confessed to, albeit not in a confession stall, this week (or was it last). So much of today’s life is ‘about theatre’ and ‘optics’. But, that is OK. The captain also happens to be the oldest. Cracked me up that his nationality is listed as “English“. That is so, so Vaticanish. There is no nationality, in reality, that is “English”. “English” is a language and ethnic group. Not a citizenship. But, we know what they mean, or at least I do because I do understand Vatican-speak. They mean he is British.

Both Sri Lankans are classed as batsman. That makes sense though I would have expected at least one of them to be classed as an all-rounder because ‘we’ in general tend to be very versatile cricketers.

I will, time permitting (and I am juggling TWO pope books right now (just so I can torture myself)), will try to cover these cricketers of God over the next few weeks and see how they fare against the infidel Anglicans (some of whom will be brown and black).