Colombian (Bogota Humana) Women’s Cycling Team Outfit: Funny, Provocative & I Am Sure Pictures Were ‘Doctored’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access coverage from the U.K. “The Guardian”. Google for more. Check the U.K. “Daily Mail”. They, as ever, have more pictures — better ones too.


Click to ENLARGE.

Of course as is to be expected I saw the story, online, this morning, around 8:40 am, on the U.K. “Daily Mail“, my all time favorite newspaper, when I was reading it, on my 10.2″ pad, while lying in bed, drinking my coffee ‘listening’ to CNN, BBC America World News (recorded) and CNBC. << Click here for “Daily Mail” coverage of this story. >>

Cracked me up. I knew that I would have to write about it.

My first reaction was “what were they thinking?”  This is hilarious even for Colombians and we don’t even have to start asking “what are they smoking?”  Reminded me immediately of the vulva-shaped stadium in Qatar.

But then when I was scrolling through the pictures it struck me that the costumes, or more to the point, the crucial parts of the costumes, don’t look exactly the same in all the images. That is why I used “The Guardian” coverage at the top. To me the uniforms look different in that picture, to the “Giro Toscanna” one shown above — where I have to admit ‘it all’ look pretty bad. As a cricketer it looks like these fairly decent looking women are wearing, what we call, a ‘box’.

But it is funny. But, then again, I find nearly all cycling shorts, whether on men or women, funny and in the case of men, I am convinced, that they cause some physiological, if not actual physical, issues.