I Am Very Cross That ‘Cross Insurance’ Is Closing Down The Alton, N.H. Office As Of October 2014.

crossinslogo1a Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Not sure how many folks are aware of this but ‘Cross Insurance’ (of Maine), that in the last few years bought up so many small, local insurance offices like ‘Wainwright Insurance’ of Alton, New Hampshire, now plans to close down the Alton office as of month-end October 2014. The Alton ‘business’ (and policies) are to be moved to Wolfeboro, N.H.

I am very cross about this on multiple fronts and have already fired off one of my patented ‘Anu is far from amused’ e-mails to the Cross Management — albeit mainly to do with my utter distress about losing my wonderful local agent Robin Lund — who pretty much walks on water, as far as I am concerned, on a daily basis.

This is another affront to Alton! Distressed me that we appear to lose businesses on Main Street rather than attracting more.

Plus this one-Wainwright office was GOOD: friendly, helpful and above all very competent. I know that a lot of Alton folks rely on them for insurance.

Yes, with e-mail etc. one can argue that you no longer really ‘brick-and-mortar’ (or in this case ‘wood-and-siding’) insurance offices, but it sure is nice to be able to interact with some real people when dealing with insurance matters.

I am Cross. Really Cross.

I could be mistaken, but I think I recall a letter or e-mail from Cross, when they bought out Wainwright, telling us how they will maintain, if not improve, the LOCAL service we had come to accept and rely on from Wainwright. I feel that they have let me down.

To be honest I have not been with them for that long. Maybe 4 years, possibly 5.

But during the last 2 years I didn’t bother to try and get any competitive prices — which as anyone who knows me will immediately know is very unlike me. I am not sure whether I was getting the CHEAPEST possible insurance BUT I was pretty sure I was getting decent value for money. When we did have an accident in June that proved to be the case. No hassle. No drama. We had a check in our grubby paws within 48 hours of the accident and it proved to be for a good amount! I am no stranger to Insurance. I have over the years known many agents and many agencies. Given the coverage we need and seek most companies are fairly happy to talk to me.

IF Cross does move the office and I lose Robin Lund as my agent, because Wolfeboro is too far for her to commute, I am no longer wedded to Cross. I know I can change. And if I have to I will change.

Cross Insurance really should not have made me cross. Never works out. I do not like being cross.