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Today Could Be The Last Day That We Are ‘GREAT’ — The Dread Ahead Of The Referendum.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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As of tomorrow, all of this, and indeed ‘GREAT’ it was, could all be at an end!

What would Winston think? What would Winston have done.

I know what Maggie would have said and done. Those were the days my friend …

those werethe days

Listen to the words … we could soon be saying “THOSE were the days my friend … and remember all the GREAT things we would do ….”

Tour Of The “New Hampshire Historical Society” Museum In Concord By The ‘Granite State Ambassadors’ (GSAs).

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Copyright of these pictures may be enforced.

This was the tour that the ‘Granite State Ambassadors‘ (GSAs) had been invited to that I talked about earlier in the month. I wasn’t sure whether we could make it till the day before the tour. Then I decided that we are definitely going though I am trying to see if I can get my latest book published this week. I called up, late in the afternoon of Monday, to say that I would like to attend and whether it would be OK to bring Deanna along. The tour was being organized by the redoubtable Virginia Drew, the Manager of the N.H. State House Visitor Center. She knows me from my visits and GSA stints at the State House and she is very nice. She was, as ever, welcoming. Suffice to say the tour was very well organized and it was also good to see Debbie Rivers, Virginia’s assistant on the tour. There were more people than I expected and I even knew some of them. It was very pleasant.

What a place. Exquisite building. We are definitely going back. We even plan to get Membership.

I don’t know how many pictures Deanna took but I took 137 with my Canon T3i (which I am finally coming to terms with). Here is a photomontage of the pictures that I took, as a YouTube video, with music. That will give you a feel of this great museum.

IF I ever get time I will create a gallery of the images on WordPress so you can access the individual images.

Photomontage of 130 images from the GSA Tour on YouTube.


Click to access 6:51 minute YouTube video, with music, of the museum tour.

Somebody paying close attention to the “New Hampshire: Then & Now” photographs. Click to ENLARGE.

A picture of me in my, correct-for-the-season, GSA uniform — an incresingly rare sight. Click to ENLARGE.