Pope Francis Openly Butting Heads With Ultra-Conservative Cardinals, In Particular U.S. Raymond ‘I Am So Vain’ Burke.

1410270891339Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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It would appear that Pope Francis (#267), to his credit, wants to rein in the ultra-conservative wing of the Catholic Church — in particular the rampaging cardinals. Booting the ‘Little Ratzinger’, viz. Antonio Cañizares Llovera, from the Vatican, all the way back to Spain, last month, was a great move. Now there is talk that he plans to do another ‘Vatican-promotion’ [i.e., demote] ultra-vain and not very bright U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke. [Check this post out for a hilarious collection of Burke dressed in fancy outfits.]

This is all good news BUT there can be some huge repercussions.

There are a LOT of arch-conservatives in the Catholic Church — and that includes at least 98% of the cardinals. All the cardinals created by John Paul II (#265) and Benedict XVI (#266) had to sign an oath that they would uphold the orthodox [i.e., conservative] values and views of the Church. Pope Francis signed that oath too when he was created a cardinal. It should also not be forgotten that the U.S. has a very large conservative faction — with a LOT of money and as such a LOT of clout.

The rumors that the pope plans to relax the orthodox Catholic values when it comes to ‘family’ — i.e., divorce, pre-marital sex, contraception etc. — at the forthcoming Synod of the Bishops is also not sitting well with the conservatives. Burke is among the cardinals who are agitating.

This is all good BUT the pope needs to be aware. The conservatives are very determined, pugnacious and powerful. They BELIEVE that it is their mission to save and preserve the TRUE Catholic Church. So …

This pope has to be careful. But, I have said that before.