Pope Francis’ Skullcap, i.e., White Papal Zucchetto, Auctioned On eBay; Pope St. John XXIII Warned Against Exactly This!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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This is for a good cause — we think.

What was funny to me, as somebody who knows quite a bit about Pope St. John XXIII (#262) is that this exact scenario happened with him, in St. Peter’s Square, with three young nuns, soon after he became pope. The nuns had arrived for the audience with a new white Zucchetto which they hoped to exchange for the one the pope was wearing. Given his reputation for warmth, kindness and avascularity they had not foreseen any problems — especially given that they were nuns (as opposed to a publicity-seeking radio talk show hosts).

Well, the nuns, of course, got to talk to the pope. Per the story the kindly pope even went as far as taking his zucchetto off, ready to give it to them, when he stopped. He said ‘NO’!

He then went onto explain that he did not want this zucchetto swapping to become a cottage-industry!

And funnily enough that is exactly what has happened.

So now that he has started the trend he might as well hand over a zucchetto each week and we can use it to raise money for charity!

Funny. This pope comes across as somebody who dearly wants to be like John XXIII. But, he is not. And this is another example. John, though he tried to disguise it, was very, very smart and savvy. This pope is not on the same plane.