“The Brigadoons” — Incomparable & Evergreen at the 2014 “Highland Games” at Loon, New Hampshire.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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To me this will ALWAYS be the face, voice and SPIRIT of the “Highland Games”, Loon, N.H.

Yes, he saw me taking pictures from the front row.

He asked Teischan for a hand. Not sure whether he knew who she was and that she has seen & heard them ever since she was born. She is eight and this was her 7th games — and we never miss the Brigadoons.

That I am an avid and rabid fan of Denis Carr and The Brigadoons is NO secret. I first saw them, at the then ‘Performance Tent’, opposite the gondola, at Loon, in 1998 — and it was love at first note. They struck a chord. To me THEY ARE the ‘Highland Games‘. Everybody knows that — the ONE performance that I have to see. No caveats. Once I have seen them I am happy.

Yesterday, before their performance I got to shake hands with Denis and say “hello”. I took the first picture right after that, with their blessing. I don’t like to bug performers before their performances. I know they like to get their thoughts together. I miss Jackie Smith. I used to always shake hands with him too and say “hello”.

Yesterday it all became very clear — though there really was no reason for any clarification. As soon as Denis started singing I felt a joy of sheer bliss coarse through my veins. It was like, I assume (because I have yet to try it though I keep on promising myself that I really must try it) having a good single malt pumped into me intravenously. I immediately felt refreshed and rejuvenated. I had finished the printed version of “Popes: 101 Facts & Trivia” the night before and was feeling the usual writer’s equivalent of postpartum depression. Listening to Denis I was at once reenergized ready to start on the next book! Thank you, Denis. That alone was well worth the $20 entrance. I will gladly pay $20 to see just ‘The Brigadoons’ any day of the week. They really are magic. Do you kind of get this feeling that I kind of like the Brigadoons.

denisteaIt was a bit of a low-key affair on Sunday. I think Denis had been drinking too much tea! That is an insider joke and we will honor his privacy THOUGH it should be noted that YET AGAIN a member of the Brigadoons was absent due to pregnancy. I wonder what they put in their TEA! They didn’t have their kilts on. They appeared to have lost them the night before. It must have to do with the tea! It was still GOOD. Very good.

We just happened to be seated in the front row – Deanna having got the seats before the performance. But I knew we had to leave 10 minutes before the end! The ‘Glengarry Bhoys’ were starting at 1:45 pm at the Concert Tent and I didn’t want to miss their entrance after — what was it 13 years! I felt dreadful when we got up. I kind of did an embarrassed wave, ducking move. I think Denis made a remark. But I am also sure that they know that we are their GREATEST fans at the show.

That ‘they’ didn’t schedule the Brigadoons in the Concret Tent is inexcusable. They are still BIGGER and BETTER than most of the names that get to play in the Tent.

IF ‘they’ had any sense, which alas they don’t, they would have had ‘The Brigadoons’ at the Tent at 1:00 pm followed by the ‘Glengarry Bhoys’. Then maybe they might have even jammed together.

Well here is a photomontage of 27 pictures I took of ‘The Brigadoons’. Alas I can only use YouTube provided music. But enjoy. It is fun to see them in action. I do have two short videos of them, that Deanna took, which I will post on YouTube later.


Click to access photomontage of 27 pictures taken of ‘The Brigadoons’ at the 2014 Highland Games at Loon on Sunday, September 21. The music is NOT THEIRS. Sorry!