“Cobra Poison” — Do NOT Drink Too Much Coke After Eating Too Much Durian. It Could Kill You!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Durian is a tropical fruit.

It has a God-awful smell!

Foul (let alone fowl) doesn’t even come close to describing its pungent, stomach churning smell.

I do not like Durian.

I stay well clear of Durian.

I have no sympathy for those that eat Durian though they swear it is like eating sweet egg custard.

Well, I will just stick with the egg custard.

Well I got this message from Archbishop Emeritus Oswald Gomis of Sri Lanka SO I have to give it heed.

It appears that drinking too much coke after eating too much durian can be fatal.

Well, you know what I say about moderation in all things (sex being an exception).

I gather they have even started calling this, viz. too much durian with too much coke, ‘Cobra Poison’. Cute.

Gather that a Chinese tourist in Thailand died of ‘Cobra Poison‘ recently —
hence this wave of warnings.

Fancy that. Going to Thailand to eat too much Durian. I thought most tourist went to Thailand just for the 3 ‘Ss’.

But, I am doing my job and passing this along.

My honest recommendation: stay away from Durian.

I do not think anybody has ever attributed aphrodisiacal properties to Durian —
and trust me nobody will want to be within 200 yards of you IF you smell of Durian.