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by Anura Guruge

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It was 11 months ago, i.e., October 20, 2013, that I made the promise that ‘within the year’ I would migrate most of my Web hosting from GoDaddy to another platform.

With the new ‘WOWNH‘ Website on Weebly yesterday I fulfilled that promise with time to spare.

Yes, since last October, when I was ticked off by GoDaddy’s policy of charging existing customers more to renew their hosting than they were charging new customers to setup accounts, I have migrated 3 Websites from GoDaddy: teischan. com, and now I now only have one paid Web hosting account at GoDaddy and that is for ‘‘. I am NOT going to migrate that site cum blog and that was always part of the plan. Two reasons: it will be quite a bit of work BUT, moreover, I COULD end up losing the superb Google ranking I have with that blog. That would be a shame. So I will suckup and pay GoDaddy for that hosting.

Last November, after considerable research, I went with Yola. Yola appeared to be very cost effective and provided enough of what I wanted. Well between November of last year and April of this year I did four Websites on Yola — one a professional site that I created for a fee. But Yola has proved to be a disaster. I am totally disillusioned with Yola. So around July I was again FORCED to start looking around because I needed to migrate from GoDaddy. Yola, Weebly & Wix had been my short-list last November. Plus Wix had started doing some powerful TV advertising. So I was gravitated towards trying them. Not sure why BUT Wix just doesn’t appeal to me. It really is chemistry. We just don’t seem to click. Also they really, really PUSH for you to move your domain over to them. I don’t want to do that. That was definitely a strike against Wix — the pressure they exert to have you transfer your domain name.

So I went with Weebly. Weebly, as I have already said, is not perfect. It is also a tad expensive. BUT it seems to work, it is FAST and it (as I had read in one of its reviews) can be strangely compelling BECAUSE it as a satisfying feel to it.

I, optimistically, had given myself a MONTH to migrate wownh! Yes, a month. So the schedule was get “Popes: 101 Facts & Trivia” printed then spend up to a month migrating wownh. Well I got it done in a day, actually half-a-day — and that REALLY was a bonus for me. So yesterday, after I approved the print version of the book I started messing around on Weebly — and that is always how I start a Website. I mess around. Dabble. Dig. Prod and experiment until I have about 1/4 of a reasonably working page. Then I get serious. There were a few tricks in Weebly that I had forgotten. That was bad and an issue. But once I remembered how to get things done it was pretty fast going. is really a placeholder. I don’t really need it. But I have had it since 1998 and my e-mail, which I have also had since 1998, is tied to it — though I still retain my e-mail with GoDaddy. I have had for longer than I have had! wownh was for “Waiters on Water”. Up until 2008 we used it quite a bit and it had TONS of family pictures … Then came Facebook and blogs …. I hid the pictures using ‘long URLs’. But the need for even that disappeared. There were better ways to share pictures. So the new wownh is really more about nostalgia than anything else. I got the most basic of Weebly packages for it because I didn’t need anything fancy — other than domain mapping. So that is the story. Not sure I will do much more on wownh. I might add more pictures of Ulysses. Deanna will probably want me to do so. That might be it. Thought about adding pictures of the Lake. But that would just be a hiding for nothing in terms of my time. BUT now with wownh done in a DAY I have a few days ‘FREE’. WOW