“The Brigadoons”: 2 Video Clips On YouTube From 2014 Highland Games At Loon.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Trademark “The Brigadoons” on Sunday of the 2014 ‘Highland Games’ at Loon [New Hampshire]. This is a 2 minute video clip, by Deanna Guruge, that captures the more traditional Glengarry ‘Celtic’ flavor of this very talented and engaging group. You really should watch and listen. Click to access the YouTube video. Denis Carr is in fine form and Paddy Kelly (extreme right) is having a ball.


Another video clip, again by Deanna, of “The Brigadoons” at Loon, on Sunday. This at 3 minutes is longer and is NOT one of their traditional numbers. This is “The Brigadoons” showing what great all-round entertainers they can be. Denis, of course, is in fine form but Paddy Kelly really goes to town in this piece with movements, sounds and pantomime. Classic. You will laugh. Barvo. Click to access YouTube video.

Two video clips, now on YouTube, from the 2014 ‘Highland Games’ at Loon.

Deanna shot both of these.

I shot still pictures with my Canon.

These two videos, in my opinion, don’t really do them ENOUGH justice!
They are even better.

Here is my photo montage of still images from that same concert.

Click to access photo montage on YouTube. So three videos altogether on YouTube from Loon 2014.