Paddy Kelly, The Other Musical Maestro That Enlivens The Evergreen “The Brigadoons”.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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It is remiss of me to rave about “The Brigadoons“, by far my all time favorite performance group at the ‘Highland Games‘, without giving a nod to Paddy Kelly — another one of their maestros and Denis Carr’s sidekick (though I have yet to see Denis actually try to kick him). Suffice to say, like everybody who has ever been involved with “The Brigadoons”, he is incredibly talented and, moreover, a really nice person.

So I want to give him a plug — not that he needs any help from me. He is in “The Glengarry Celtic Hall of Fame“, as of 2007, along with Rob Taylor (2004), “The Brigadoons” as a group (2006), Dennis Carr (2013) et. al.

So do yourself a FAVOR and check Paddy Kelly out. Listen to his tracks. BUY THE CDs. Like him on Facebook. You will THANK ME for bringing him into YOUR life. He will enliven and enrich it. It is people like Paddy that pope’s refer to as ‘Salt of the Earth’. They make the World go around that much more smoothly.

Thank you Paddy. Thank you “The Brigadoons”.


Click to access Paddy Kelly’s FAMILY Website …


Paddy Kelly’s music. I listen to this OFTEN for inspiration. He is good. Very good. Try “Song for Ireland” for starters.


He does do Facebook. I am impressed. I can’t figure Facebook out. Whatever ‘presence’ I am ‘supposed’ to have on Facebook is done by Deanna. [I just sold my Facebook ‘IPO’ shares last week to buy Alibaba. Yes, there are no sacred cows in my book when it comes to stocks.]


The Hall of Fame. Impressive. But well deserved.

Click to ENLARGE.