‘Shellshock’/’Bash Bug’ In Unix/Linux Servers Already Appears To Be Slowing Down Amazon, Yahoo, WSJ etc.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access article in "Market Watch".

Click to access article in “MarketWatch”.

I had started to notice on Tuesday strange, inexplicable ‘lag times’ and ‘anomalies’ on the Amazon ‘server cloud’ (though not with Amazon per se), Yahoo (particularly Yahoo Finance), MarketWatch (which is a part of WSJ) to name the biggest and the ones where the ‘issues’ were most pronounced. It appeared, from where I sat, as if they were weathering a medium-scale ‘denial of service’ (DOS) attack. The servers weren’t down (and out) they were just struggling to keep pace.

I think what I have seen could be the TIP of the iceberg. This Shellshock could turn out to be HUGE — and have the potential to make the Internet grindingly slow.

What we also don’t know is how much damage has already been done.

This one is BIG. I would keep a very close eye on the Internet. In terms of privacy, financial data, e-mails, images etc. we are ALREADY screwed. ‘They’ have probably ‘scraped’ up trillions of bytes of data. Too late to worry about that. We are all screwed. Now lets just focus on keeping the Internet up.

So much for the up till NOW much vaunted security of Linux. What a relief that Windows has escaped this mortar attack though just at the client end. 90% of the servers we use run Unix or Linux.

You have been given a good heads up.