Burmese Radical ‘Wirathu’ Inciting Already Rabid Sri Lankan Buddhists To More Extremism … Pakistan & Bangladesh Should Respond.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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I blurred out the faces because I don’t want to give these publicity-seeking,
rather pathetic rebel rousers 
any additional ‘press’.


‘AP’ coverage via ABC News. Click to access original.


The Asian ‘The Straits Times’. Click to access original.

As I have clearly pointed out in these two posts — post 1 & post 2 — I really have no skin in this ‘game’ other than the fact that I clearly remember growing up in a very tolerant, multi-religious, multi-ethnic Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) and this uncalled for Buddhist extremism (subscribed to by many of my cousins) distresses me.

I get unsolicited e-mail from Sri Lanka, on a near daily basis, because there are folks who believe that given my name, adopted though I am, that I must care! Well I do care, but not in what they hope I care. I care that ALL religions can coexist peacefully in Sri Lanka and that in time many of my brethren will be lucky enough to reach my level of enlightenment in being able to revel in being so carefree and happy in knowing that there is NO LIFE after death.

The ratcheting up of the hate is escalating.

The extremist Buddhist in Sri Lanka has embraced this clown from Myanmar as if he was the long awaited Messiah.

This is wrong. I am GLAD that U.S. outlets like ABC News is covering this.

I have said it before and I am saying it again. The priorities of most Sri Lankan males is pretty straightforward: MONEY/FAMILY, SEX, CRICKET and then everything else … including religion.

Financial sanctions will work BUT that is NOT going to happen. Trying to curb the sex (and the out of control population growth) will be too hard to do.

BUT we can get at them through cricket. Trust me. I know these buggers.

The cricketing world needs to start boycotting Sri Lanka cricket TODAY.

I am not bloody joking.

We did it to South Africa and it kind of worked — but please remember South Africans were never as committed to cricket as Sri Lankans.

Pakistan and Bangladesh, backed by India, England and Australia, should lobby the ICC today to halt all tours involving Sri Lanka. Stop Sri Lankans from playing in any foreign IPLs.

Then we will see ….

Trust me.

This is very easy to fix.

BUT if we don’t fix it we will all live to rue the day.