So YOU Think YOU Know Your Popes — A Quiz.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

1. What is the longest (consecutive) period where the papacy has been under one name, albeit with different popes of that name? [#28]

2. What is the most prevalent prior name among the popes? [#30]

3. There is one pope who was born on, two who were elected on, and one that died on Christmas Day, i.e., December 25. Who were these four popes and the Christmases involved? [#55]

4. When Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, i.e., Pius XII (#261) was elected pope on March 2, 1939, on the second day of the conclave, on the third ballot, he became the only pope known to have been elected on his birthday – he having been born on March 2, 1876. He was thus sixty-three years old. The crowds in St. Peter’s Square waiting to see the new pope knew that it was his birthday – he a well known and beloved Roman, from ‘Black Nobility’ [i.e., aristocratic families that stood by the pope during the travails of the Italian unification]. Two other popes share that March 2nd birthday. One was born in the 19th century and the other in the 15th century. The former was an influential and famous pope while the latter is a relatively well known non-Italian who does hold a papal distinction, though it is not well known. Who are these two popes who share a March 2nd birthday with Pius XII? [#61]

5. Who was the first pope to be elected in a conclave, known to have been sequestered (under lock-and-key) per the now norm, that was held outside of Rome? [#44]

6. Who was the first pope to use an automobile to travel outside of the Vatican City? [#48]

7. When was the last time that a cardinal died in conclave? [#74]

8. That the First Council of Nicaea [325 AD] was summoned by the bestriding Constantine the Great is well known. What was to be the first ecumenical council to be convoked by a pope? [#5]

9. Which pope brought to an end the First Vatican Council [1869 to 1870] the twentieth of the councils, best known for approving the notion of papal infallibility? [#8]

10. Continuing on the topic of women in conclaves it is known that in the 17th century a woman was asked to address the cardinals, in conclave, before they started balloting. What was this conclave where a woman was invited to the conclave, at its start, to share her thoughts with the electors as to the criteria they should consider when choosing the next pope? [#76]

All these are from “Popes: 101 Facts & Trivia“. The [#n] at the end refers to the ‘bullet’ number within the book. Yes, of course, you can find each and every answer by doing your own bit of digging around. It is fun.