Ebola Virus Patient In Dallas, Texas — Who Paid For His First Abortive Hospital Visit Where He Was Given Antibiotics?

texas-ebolaAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Well I know who is paying for his ultra-expensive, titanium-plated coverage now — YOU & I.

But, it got me thinking. He is a visitor. Yes, as anybody who has watched any Indian TV in the U.S., and there is tons of it on cable and satellite albeit typically not-for-free, will know there is, quite rightly and properly, a HUGE ‘health insurance for visitors’ industry. But, I am not sure how many people get it.

Maybe we should pass some new healthcare laws. If you are a non-resident [i.e., not a citizen or bona fide green card carrying resident alien] you can’t enter the U.S. without visitor health insurance. Come ON. This is motherhood and apple pie stuff.

So who do you think paid?

Plus he was given antibiotics? Antibiotics for a virus?

Come on?

I have two cousins who are doctors in Texas, be it in Austin.

Prescribing antibiotics when it is viral.

Wow. We get slightly better care in rural New Hampshire.