“Popes: 101 Facts & Trivia” Makes #3 At Amazon U.K. For Pope Books In Kindle.


Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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This will change within minutes. I just happened to get a notification and catch it. I have been ‘here‘, i.e., having so called Amazon ‘best sellers‘, before. Doesn’t mean much at least to me because it sure does not give me ANY money or fame! But it is cool and I am not churlish. It is better to make such lists than not.

This list, in particular, is very humbling and significant to me. The book I have ‘usurped’ is MY Bible. J N D Kelly is my idol. The “Oxford Dictionary of Popes” is never far from my reach. When it is NOT on my desk it is positioned as strategically close to my right hand as you can get. It is the book that I reach out to — quite literally — the most. So to be ahead of that book is scary — though Professor Kelly, as he should, will outstrip me probably even before I post this post. As it happens I am also rather fond of the #2 book — by Yallop. Yes, I have it. It is right here — but not as strategically placed as the ‘Dictionary’. I read it c. 2007. IF I ever get the time I kind of have plans to write a better version of it!

But for now …

Really. To be honest. This is more amusing to me than ANYTHING else. That I could, for a brief moment, better than Kelly is BUT a joke. I know my place in the scheme of things.