Do NOT Automatically Renew With ENH Power In New Hampshire — PSNH: ENH Rate Goes Up 44% & Higher Than PSNH!

enhoct2104ratesAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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I got the top e-mail yesterday — ENH kindly trying to renew me for 24 months at a 44% increase! Given that I had been here just a year ago I knew that I had to be on my guard. Last year, as documented here, they tried to renew me at 8.117 cents/kWh BUT immediately agreed to a 7.89 cent rate when I called them up.

There was no way in HELL that I was agreeing to 11.39 cents for 24 months when the CURRENT PSNH rate is 9.78 cent.

Be careful. Be very careful. ENH lied to me. Said that PSNH has sent out letters saying their rates are going up to 15 cents in December 2014. I called up PSNH and did some Web research. NOT SO.

Plus remember — you can go back to ENH or find another provider whenever.

So DO NOT get suckered in by ENH Power.

Do not renew IF their rate is above that of PSNH. Play the game. They are not doing you any favors.

You cannot trust any of this bunch. I am still smarting from getting burned by ‘Resident Power‘.

So another Public Service Message for you — having to do with ‘Public Service of New Hampshire’ (PSNH).