Ever Doltish Jeremy Clarkson Of BBC ‘Top Gear’ Also Insulting The British With His ‘982 FKL’ Falklands Stunt.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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From my all time favorite newspaper in the whole world, the U.K. “Daily Mail”. Click to access original at the “Daily Mail”.

The media, the British public (that cares) and the ever-excited Argentinians are ALL losing sight of one very significant fact!

Bloody Jeremy Clarkson,
provocative and doltish in equal measures,

put the ‘982 FKL’ plate on a FRIGGING Porsche!

Clarkson is taking the micky out of us patriotic Brits too!


Yes that is indeed Clarkson before the birth of his 4th child. Of course it is from the “Daily Mail’. Click to access original and read about the childbirth.

Get it? He is promoting OUR GLORIOUS VICTORY in the 1982 Falklands War using a German bloody car.

Give me a break.

I have never been a fan of Jeremy ‘bloody’ Clarkson. Though I will admit that he is clever and articulate he aggravates me intensely. While I am noted for my irreverent humor — I have bounds. I respect history’s greats, property and my country. We just watched a ‘Top Gear’ program (from 2013 I think) where he makes fun of Dr. Livingston and the source of the Nile. That does not sit well with me. But it is his wanton will to destroy cars and other property (e.g., grand pianos) that really irks me. I believe that Clarkson cheapens the BBC and what we stand for as a nation. Though the kids and Deanna like ‘Top Gear’ I only record it for them. I would be happy never to have to see its interminable drivel. This is why I started recording “Fast N’ Loud“. Though they too like to destroy cars they don’t do it on every show. I also can’t abide Clarkson’s obsession with German bloody cars.

So, PLEASE lets get this into perspective.

IF ‘Top Gear’ wanted to commoerate and celebrate our MAGNIFICENT victory in the 1982 Falklands War they would have put that number plate ‘982 FKL’ on a Jaguar.

Get it.

Just ignore Clarkson.