Sri Lanka’s Ultra-Buddhist President, Rajapaksa, Married To A Catholic, Meets With Pope Francis At The Vatican.

Sri Lanka President trying to look like a Pope.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Though he came to power and has retained it by being, at ‘home’, an ultra-pious, NATIONALISTIC Buddhist, the Sri Lankan President is married to a Catholic — and he, over the years, has bent backwards reaching out to the Catholics! This is the irony and beauty of the Sri Lanka that I kind of liked. The Buddhist President of a 70% Buddhist country married to a Catholic — but still fond of reaching out to Catholics while his Buddhist constituents clamor that the Pope must apologize for the sins of the Catholics!

Just brilliant. Only in Sri Lanka.

Plus, this guy, who I do not know personally (and I think he is the first president that falls into that category), always strikes me as TRYING TO LOOK like a pope. Yes, dressing in all white is a Sinhalese thing. Supposedly our national costume. It is the RED shawl that he affects that cracks me up. Him in white with that red shawl always makes him look like a pope with a stole — though Francis, thank Buddha, has done away with all those unnecessary accoutrements.

Anyway …

This is NOT his first visit with a pope. In June 2012 he met with Benedict XVI (#266).

As far as I am concerned this is all good and as it should be. Not sure how the extremist Buddhists in Sri Lanka are taking this.

Now talking of the extreme Buddhist in Sri Lanka, recently incited even further by a clown from Burma, this picture in the U.K. Daily Mail (my favorite newspaper (that I read online, several times a day)), this morning cracked me up.


From the U.K. Daily Mail. Click to access original article. What cracks me up. CLASSIC Buddhist worship posture and as Burmese they most likely are Buddhist. So WHO are they praying to .. if that is what they are doing? The Buddha is not around.

When I went to get the above picture of the two worshipping Burmese I saw this picture. Wow. Buddhists are in the news, all over the place. Yep. Reads real well. NBC cameraman with Ebola is a Buddhist. He is supposed to be incarnate of some Tibetan Buddhist lama though his biological father is a Jewish doctor who was the physician to his mother’s husband — a Buddhist lama who seduced her, a British aristocrat, when she was 15. I don’t make this stuff up.


Click to access JUST AMAZING U.K. “Daily Mail” story.

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