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Two Of Last Week’s ‘Hot’ IPOs, Vivint Solar & Yodlee, Plummet Within First 72 Hours.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Red track on chart is that for SPX — S & P 500 index.


Two classic examples that all IPOs don’t do well. Even Alibaba is down from its first day — albeit not from the $66 that some lucky buggers were able to get it at, that being the IPO price.

I was aware of both of these IPOs and ‘tracked’ them given that Fidelity told me that I might have a slim chance of getting an IPO allocation.

I stayed clear of VSLR because it was solar and I had read enough bad things about that sector. I am GLAD I did. But there was something very scary about what happened with that IPO. The day after the IPO, “Seeking Alpha” (which is a bunch of unregulated, amoral, unethical cowboys as far as I am concerned) published an article saying that VSLR was “destined to destroy shareholder wealth“. The stock plummeted. They claim that they could not publish this article, i.e., that it was on embargo, till after the IPO. Please. I feel bad for all those that got 3rd degree burns.

I was interested in YDLE. Most IPOs to do with ‘the cloud’ have a pop — because people think the cloud is sexy and strategic, though in reality we have been exploiting cloud for the last 10 years, IF not more. Some of you, I know, can’t even remember ‘the network is the computer’. I do. I decided to beg Fidelity for 2 shares at the IPO — that being all that I could afford at $12 a share.

Well they didn’t give me those 2 shares — probably because you have to ask for allocations in blocks of 100!

I am GLAD that Fidelity didn’t give me those 2 shares.

I can buy YDLE in the open market now — without any flipping restrictions.

So I am just giving YOU a heads up because unlike the clowns on “Seeking Alpha” I am not out to get you so that I can make some money. Maybe that is where I go wrong.

Virtual Conference On “Orgasmic Births”, With Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Next Week, Oct. 13 – 17, 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



by Anura Guruge

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Cracks Me Up That The New York Waldorf Astoria Will Be Owned By A Company Called AnBANG!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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As soon as I hear it on CNBC news this morning it cracked me up. 

I had never heard of them BUT what a great, evocative name Anbang!

Just say it out loud, rolling it out — AN BANG!

I will never be able to think of the iconic Waldorf again without breaking into a grin — not that I go for long, at any time, without a grin.


So the next time you have a bang at the Waldorf, and I am all in favor of that and I hope you manage more than just one bang, just think as you bang — an BANG.

Made my day.

3 Fighter Plane Escort Formation Of 4 Engine Aircraft Over Alton, N.H. This Morning.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Updates below
(including WMUR report).

4planeformation7861aI was on my near daily run up Prospect Mountain Road this morning, around 10 a.m., when the normal serenity of this dirt road with little traffic was shattered by the VERY LOUD roar of jet engines. I stopped and peered above the trees. I expected to see some military jets, flying low, on an exercise — as they sometimes, maybe 3 or 4 times a year, do over THE Lake.

I was, instead, taken aback by what I saw. 4 planes, high up. Above 20,000′ I would say, and maybe below 30,000′ — though I am not good at estimating such distances. They were high up, BUT not that high up (as is usually the case with commercial airlines flying over Alton) where they were tiny. I could clearly see them.

One 4 engine plane in the middle. Could have been a 747. This plane was being CLEARLY escorted by 3 fighter jets, two on one wingtip and one on the other.
In all my years of flying and watching planes I have never seen anything like this.

Yes, with our Pease National Airguard Airport in Portsmouth it could have been a 707-based Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker air refueling aircraft. But I could not see the refueling boom. Plus I have never seen a KC-135 being escorted.

Plus they were flying Northwest. That is basically AWAY from Pease. So if a KC-135 was being escorted you would think they would fly back to Portsmouth.

Interesting. I came home and checked CNN. Nothing on the news.

I wonder …

(started getting e-mails around 1:50 pm)

Got this e-mail at 1:50 pm.

“I stumbled on your blog post while trying to find info on this.  I believe I saw the same plane/escort here in Contoocook.  I saw it at about 1:30pm flying Northwest.  Given the direction, location, and time you saw it I’m thinking it must be circling the area.  I am very curious as to what it’s about.  If you are able to find out anything I would appreciate you sharing it.

Best regards, …”

A kind lady sent me 3 updates with a picture (below) EACH time (though one is a duplicate).  They went:

2:25 pm: “I also saw a v formation and have been googling like crazy trying to figure out who/what it was about… Got a blurry iPhone pic at 1:22 over Epping,nh flying towards Manchester. Very loud. There were three on either side of the formation I saw. All very interesting.”

2:52 pm: “Again at 2:50 with two fighters on either side.”

2:52 pm (again): Looks like a repeat of the above.


Then a gentleman sent me these two:

2:20 pm: “I saw a total of 7. There was a large jet that resembled a 747 and a total of 6 fighters. The pattern was three fighters off each wing of the larger jet. They flew coming from the ocean over Seabrook heading West.”

2:27 pm: “This was at 1:14 pm” (meaning above message).

Appears the escorts have gone up from
3 to 6!

WMUR Report


Click to access WMUR report of the fighter jetss

This WMUR report seems incongruous on multiple fronts.

1. WMUR report does not mention the LARGE 4 engine plane. It could very well have been a KC-135, from Pease, BUT nobody saw any of the fighters being refueled in the air. Not sure IF anybody saw a fighter behind the large plane — in the classic refueling spot.

2. Yes, the 4 engine plane might have been coming back with the fighters from abroad. But THEN the direction they were flying doesn’t make sense. At least two of us in the NORTH saw the planes flying NW. That is directly away from Pease. That doesn’t make sense.

3. The spokesman “couldn’t” or is that “wouldn’t” give a number. I really hope Pease knows how many fighters land and takeoff — even if they don’t keep tabs of how many they refuel. That might be a security thing. That I can understand.

4. I still think that it all does not add up. If nothing else the formation I saw and the one seen by the gentleman in Contoocook were flying AWAY from Pease. Maybe they had to circle awaiting clearance. That would make sense — but that would be one heck of a circle.  

The photos from the day mentioned above.

Click to ENLARGE. As I got them.