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Clouds & Rain Will Further Obscure ‘Blood Red’ Moon Lunar Eclipse Over New Hampshire On October 8, 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Next ‘Blood Red’ Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015.

I wrote about the October 8, 2014 lunar eclipse in April
when it first started making the news.

What I had noticed at the time was that the eclipse would take place ~7:24 am.

Sunrise on October 8, 2014 will be at 6:49 am.

That alone could have been a damper. 

The moon according to my charts would already have set, below the horizon, by then!
But you might see some shadow across the moon prior to 6:30 am.

(But I could be wrong on that and on the moon set time.)

Now, however, I discover that we will likely have THUNDERSTORMS in the morning!

That definitely will put paid to visibility.

Again I hope I am wrong.


From ‘weather underground’ for Alton, N.H. I like these folks. They are pretty good. Click to access their Alton, N.H. page. You can put in whatever town you like.

If kids want to try and see it, by all means encourage them. Explain the weather.
But let them go out and look around. That alone is good.

Fidelity Investments (New) Online Training Events With On24 Webcast Technology — Quite Cool.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. This afternoon’s ‘On24’ Webcast technology based Browser pane I had for my online training event. I was impressed. Worked well.

As I have alluded to before, multiple times, I do play options and have done so for nearly twenty years. But, I just do covered calls. That I understand how to do, quite well, given that over the years I must have written hundreds of them.

But, I have no clue about any of the other option strategies. Today I heard ‘Iron Condor’. I have NO CLUE.

Over the years I have promised myself that I will teach myself options. Knowing who I am and what I can do, I do know that I will be able to master options and even be pretty good at it. BUT, I have yet to set out to learn options. I always appear to have some excuse — mainly that I am writing a book. Well, I am writing a book again …

I get a fair amount of e-mails from Fidelity — which is fair enough because I do have a fair amount of transactional volume a week through them. Quite a few of the e-mails have to do with informational or training events. Fidelity no longer calls me to offer me financial advice or access to financial advisors. They have access to my record and performance. They know that I muddle through … and that muddling through is all that I am interested in.

Last week I got an invite for this “Generating option trading ideas using Fidelity’s tools and resources” event — today, at noon. I knew I really should ‘attend’ because Fidelity’s option ‘platform’ totally baffles me. I don’t use it. Good ol’ option-chains is all I need or at least all I use.

I registered, which was not a problem. I got e-mails with a link. This morning I had yet another reminder — which was good. At 11:45, within the 15 minute pre-event window, I clicked and was automatically ‘enrolled’ without having to type in anything.

It was slick. It was seamless. No glitches. Very smooth. I was impressed.

I have, over the years, going back maybe 15 years, used various online Webinar technologies. I am sure this was the first time I had used ‘on24‘ Webcast. I was pleasantly impressed. It did what it had to do with no fuss and to me that is the beauty of a good Webinar tool. It should not get in the way. It should facilitate without getting in your face. That it did.

It was a decent educational Webinar. Yes, after 30 minutes I lost interest. But that is par for the course. I am NOT good, never have been, at any ‘classroom’ based education and training. I have to do it on my terms on my pace. But now I know some places to look.

I am going to bite the damn bullet and get the damn book EVEN if it is not available online. I know that that is what I should start with.

But, I am pleased and impressed with Fidelity and On24 — but, 99.6% of the time I am always impressed with Fidelity. They try and they are good.

Horsing Around In Maine (Warren, Near Rockland) This Sunday.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Deanna’s sister has horses. We were there on Sunday. People associate us with dogs but few realize that we are big into horses too. So thought I would post some pictures.

Took my Canon T3i with me. Took 240 pictures. I am still trying to come to terms with it. Here are four non-horse, non-baby pictures I took with the Canon on Sunday. The wooden bowls were made by our brother-in-law, Andy.

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