What Has Happened To Dallas Doctor Who Misdiagnosed Ebola Victim Thomas Eric Duncan?

Medical-MalpracticeLawyerAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Well the way I see it “Texas Health Presbyterian” in Dallas (TX) might as well declare bankruptcy TODAY.

They screwed up and they screwed up spectacularly and did so for ALL the World to see.

Never mind the allegations that Eric Duncan did NOT get adequate and proper treatment. That is somewhat subjective and there will be shades of gray.

But there is NO getting around the fact that they misdiagnosed him, on his first visit, and sent him home with antibiotics! That was a crime. For a start, even my 8 year old knows that antibiotics don’t work against viral infections — just bacterial.

So that action has HUGE ramification.

IF Eric Duncan had been admitted on that visit so many things would be so different.

IF we get people who came into contact with Duncan, after he was released, contracting Ebola things will get ugly.

Have you noticed there appears to have been NO repercussions at the hospital.

handsingleeWho is the doctor or doctors. I want names. They should be fired and their licenses revoked.

The CEO of the hospital, who probably gets paid millions, should resign.

But, given that I do rub shoulders with ‘them’, I can already feel the intense heat being generated as all these lawyers rub their hands in GLEE. They, quite rightly, are seeing BIG, BIG millions.

Texas Health Presbyterian is screwed. They might as well start packing up today.

This was so bad. So bad.

I am NOT even going to think about how much all of this is costing all of us taxpayers.