Confused As To Why Alton Central School (ACS) N.H. Associate Principal, Linda Wilman Is Apologizing.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013. .. ..... .




by Anura Guruge

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Click to access Thursday, October 9, 2014 issue of ‘The Baysider’. This is on front page, i.e., A1.

This was on the front page of the Thursday, October 9, 2014The Baysider‘.

I was confused. The piece clearly states ‘Associate Principal’. I refer to my posts in June about Mrs. Wilman’s appointment as Associate Principal as opposed to Acting Principal and the William (‘Bill’) Lander blog post, from his “Superintendent’s Blog” from June 10, 2014 — shown below.

From what I can see it clearly states that the Acting Principal, William (‘Bill’) Lander will provide DAILY mentoring to Mrs. Wilman. Daily!

So does this mean that William (‘Bill’) Lander, Acting Principal and Superintendent, overlooked this prior approval requirement?

IF so …
1/ Should it not be William (‘Bill’) Lander, Acting Principal and Superintendent, that apologized rather than the ever admirable Linda Wilman?
2/ Why didn’t he see that this requirement had been overlooked and put it right — IF he is indeed providing daily mentoring?
3/ How come the Board Chair did not point out that it should be the Acting Principal’s job to help Mrs. Wilman on stuff like this?

I am confused. From everything I hear (and occasionally see as I did yesterday morning) Mrs. Wilman is doing a stellar job and everybody is happy. Distresses me, greatly, to read that she had to apologize when somebody else appears to have dropped the ball.

I also urge everybody to watch 47 seconds of the September 8, 2014 Alton Central School Board meeting (YouTube) video below.

William (‘Bill’) Lander’s June 10, 2014 explanation as to his role as Acting Principal.


Click to ENLARGE. Links above for more on this blog post by Alton Central Superintendent William (‘Bill’) Lander.

Then there was this about the ‘Common Core‘ related
‘Smarter Balance Test’
decision being pushed back another month.


You really should watch, at a minimum, 47 seconds of this video, from the September 8, 2014, Alton Central School Board meeting. This is their official video of the proceedings. If you have the time, motivation and guts you should watch ALL of it — and check out Darla Monzione making a public statement at the 1:57:11 mark [i.e., towards the very end].

What I would really, really, REALLY like you to watch is the 47 second segment between 22:01 and 22:48. So that is 22 minutes into the meeting. The ‘time’ bar at the bottom will allow you to FF to that spot. Pay particular attention to 22:18.


On YouTube. Posted by ACS. This is the official video record. See the ‘red’ time bar. OK, I have it stopped at 22:55. You need to watch 22:01 to 22:48 at a minimum. That might make you want to watch more. Also PLEASE watch my friend Darla Monzione at 1:57:11. That is way at the end of this 2:01:36 ‘hour’ long video.

This part, also from the same ‘The Baysider’ report, but this on Page 11, intrigued me. Wow. What a concept. The teachers will use the web site. Wow. You mean they don’t right now?


Click to access Thursday, October 9, 2014 issue of ‘The Baysider’. This is on page A11.