Can We Calm Down About Catholic Church & ‘The Welcome To Gays’ — Many Catholic Priests Are ALREADY Gay!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Can we PLEASE cut out this hysteria about the Catholic Church and their new stance towards gays after yesterday’s publication of the post-synodal Relatio post disceptationem that says that the Church is THINKING about being more inclusive to gays and divorcees. For Christ’s sake it is NOT a change in doctrine or posture. Church still maintains that homosexulaity is a SIN and will not accept gay marriage — just union. Also no talk about divorcees being able to get communion. Just about being NICE to divorcees.

Time Magazine, to their credit, got it right yesterday itself. I have been telling YOU this for over a year — read this AGAIN, and it is by a Catholic priest, an expert on Canon Law.


This is SPOT ON. The Time used to be great at covering pope issues. Then they lost it. They have the mojo back. READ THIS. Click to access.

And then there was this CLARIFICATION from the Vatican itself,
this morning.

They are trying to tell YOU to take a cold shower.




From the ‘Vatican Information Service’ (VIS) — this morning. Click to access original.

As a papal historian it irks and amuses me when I see headlines such as ‘Catholic Church to WELCOME gays’. The Catholic Church from time immemorial has had a LOT of gays — as priests, prelates and popes! So, of course, they have been welcome. Just THINK. Thinking is good. 90% or 95% of the SEX CRIMES committed by Catholic priests were on BOYS. So cut the pretense, cut the added ‘holier-than-thou‘ hypocrisy. The Catholic Church, in PRACTICE, has a soft spot for gays. For Christ’s sake, just last year the pope admitted that there was a network of Gay Prelates — and if you don’t know what ‘prelate’ means, it means SENIOR clergy, i.e., bishops, archbishops, cardinals etc. (See below. Google “Pope Gay Lobby Vatican” for 100 more articles.)

I am going to just let these HEADLINES & Wikipedia entry speak for themselves.

Click on each. You really should. You really must.

Do NOT come crying to me. I have no axe to grind. As a papal historian my goal is just to keep the FACTS STRAIGHT.