CNBC Has A Whole New Bold (& Blue) Look, With Red Charts & 3 Bottom Tickers.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Old, pre-Oct. 13, 2014 look.



by Anura Guruge

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From the little snippets I have heard, on air, from CNBC ‘talking heads’ this is supposed to be a bold new, ‘in your face’ look.

I am, really, what sanguine about it, but being the writer that I am, I am using it in BOTH of its connotations. What disturbs me, and any psychologist will readily concur, is all the Red. Red is known to be a color that invokes at a minimum unease, if not aggression. In all my decades of doing presentations I was very careful as to how and when I used Red in my slides.

But here is the ‘funniest’ thing. The predominant color of the new look, as you can clearly see in the above photos, shot with my Canon T3i, this morning around 11:30 am (Eastern) [as you can confirm from the ‘bug’], is BLUE.

Now that is strange. In the RedBlue politics of the U.S., CNBC is so, so, so damn Red that it would be appropriate to always refer to them, in our British lingo, as ‘bloody‘.

So why the Blue? Were they hoodwinked by a liberal design team and that this is the most expensive prank in TV history. CNBC ending up with a multimillion dollar blue set without realizing that they have been set up?

What I do NOT get are the RED charts. Yes, I have seen a few GREEN ones BUT I cannot fathom what the Red and Green signify. No, no, NOPE. It is not based on the current tick, i.e., Green if ‘+‘ and Red if ‘‘. Maybe it is not the latest tick but maybe YTD. But I have seen Red charts when the latest tick is ‘+‘ and Green charts when the latest tick is ‘-‘. Maybe they got it wrong.

I do NOT like Red Charts! Just compounds the negativity.

The ‘in your face’, close ups of the presenters doesn’t bother me, other than with bloody Joe Kasey Khan Kernen. The BEST new look that CNBC could have had was to get rid of Kernen. He is a disgrace.

But, it is OK. I like that the tickers show ‘%’ more often than before. I like ‘%’ as opposed to absolutes because that can be more meaningful. It is just the Red charts.

Check it out.