Gormless Jim Cramer, On CNBC Today, Talks About: “In 2007 When I Was Afraid Of Losing My Pay Check”.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



by Anura Guruge

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jim-cramerThis morning, around 9:07 am, Jim ‘I can be such an idiot at times’ Cramer, had the audacity to claim, quite seriously: “In 2007 when I was afraid of losing my pay check”!

Jesus wept.

That is so ludicrous, insensitive and banal.

Cramer is worth MILLIONS — possibly close to a Billion. He makes millions in book royalties. His CNBC paycheck is mere bagatelle.

In 2007 millions of poor people lost their pay check. Some have never had one since. These people don’t have millions and millions to fall back on.

Cramer should wash his mouth in soap.

From what I can see Cramer never had anything bad happen to him in his life. Good for him. Maybe it is time he experienced some adversity to appreciate that it is NOT RIGHT to make inane, mindless statements like that.

He can be such a jackass.

I used to like Jim. I used to watch ‘Mad Money’ religiously every night. Yes, I made some money listening to him, BUT like SO MANY, in the long term I ended up losing money because of his stupidity.

There are enough Websites and blogs that track Jim’s bad advice that I will not bother to retread that ground.

His statement reminded me of a rich kid, ‘Bruce’, that worked for me, at CASE Communications, in 1986. His grandfather had left him, among other things, 10,000 shares of AT&T. He was in his mid-twenties at the time. One day the CFO for the company comes to see me. He says: ‘Anu, Bruce hasn’t cashed any of his paychecks for the last 6 months. The money is just sitting in our bank account distorting our balances’. So we went to see Bruce, who was a big, gangling, all-American blond. Very friendly. So I asked him about his paychecks. He looked bemused. He opened his top drawer and started rummaging around and pulling out unopened pay envelopes by the handful. We used to get every two weeks. He pulled out well over 30. All unopened. He didn’t understand the ‘issue’. I gently pointed out that he really should deposit all those checks. As ever he was happy to oblige.

Bloody Cramer is in the same boat. He does NOT need a paycheck.

But he should NOT make fun about paychecks.

People’s LIVES depend on their paychecks.

KARMA — though I am not sure I believe in that either.