Alton (N.H.) Gilman Library, “Sky Over Alton” Astronomy Presentation, October 17, 2014 — Some Pictures.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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All these pictures (bar the first two) were taken by Devanee Guruge.

Alton photographer, John Bishop, a friend, who arrived and joined Devanee in taking pictures. So I had two tripods with cameras at the back.

It wasn’t packed but the folks that were there were very receptive and engaged. I had planned for about 90 minutes but we were still there, having a lot of fun, 2 hours later. They seemed to really like it — or at least that is what they claimed.

I had fun. But, I have never done a presentation where I have not had fun.

Our friend, Alton photographer, John Bishop, turned up — unexpectedly given that we thought we was going to be in Manchester visiting a friend that was in hospital. John set up his, professional grade Canon, and started taking pictures in tandem with Devanee — who relished the opportunity to use my Canon. I should get John’s pictures on Sunday.

Part II of this astronomy presentation is on Friday, November 20, 2014. You can come to that even if you didn’t come to last night. They are self-contained, though I will not go over the same material.

So that was that. I am glad that I did it.

Holly Brown, the librarian, always extremely nice, had displayed my astronomy books on a table etc. She was very happy, and that was good.