Riots Mar Keene, N.H., 2014 Pumpkin Festival — Record Attempt Takes A Back Seat.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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This is BAD!

It is all over National news.

It will be a major setback to what was a hugely successful event.

I am GLAD we couldn’t make it this year because of Devanee’s cross-country State meet. The campus is right there. This would not have been funny for anyone, especially not if you had small children.

This is a shame. Somebody is trying to harm this Festival. I am not happy. I like OUR Pumpkin Festival.

Sunday Morning Update.

Weird and upsetting to hear about the riots on National TV this morning. I am not amused.

This is inexcusable. This is crazy.

WMUR coverage, inimitably and as many of us have grown used to expecting, is patchy, stale and non-incisive.

The “Keene Sentinel“, below, thankfully has much better coverage.

Appears that pumpkin count was WAY DOWN. Just 21,912! That is not good. 72% of the number they had last year. So despite the claim that the Festival went on, unscatched, that was NOT obviously the case. Having been to the Festival I know that the College is right there.


Click to access. BEST COVERAGE of everything to do with Keene … this weekend.


From WMUR. Click to access WMUR. Google for coverage from across the country. Nothing about the world record. Just the riots.